Buying & Selling

We are always interested in Trading Australian Bottles. Especially pieces we do not have in our collection.
If we do have an example, then we are only too happy to advise what a fair current market price is and we are also able to broker a sale for a nominal fee, with other collectors, for a honest and fair market price.

Many of the items we sell for people who contact us, are supplied with up to date auction and sale records of items that have "SOLD" Appreciate sale prices are arbitrary figures and seeing an item for sale doesn't necessarily mean it is a current market value. In fact many bottles have fallen in value in recent times. Especially common examples with a value of $20-40. Whereas Aerated Water bottles have remained stable and in some cases, have risen in value.

We use current up to market Auction records, on many of the bottles so you can be assured that the price achieved is fair.

You can contact Phil at

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What we are after

 A sample of some of the items we are chasing.

Marble Bottles, Ginger Beers, Torpedo (shaped) Bottles, Chemist Bottles, Demi Johns or Flagons with brand names, any ornate shaped items commonly called salad oil or pickle bottles. Soda Syphons, Tooth Paste Lids or Jars. Pretty much any type is of interest, easy way is just take a photo and send it in a text or an email then we can contact you with some information.

Bottle values as with most collectibles are completely dependent on the items condition and rarity being the main factors.
Here is a list of some company names and or Towns we are chasing

C S Button Scottsdale, Hobart Town, Hobarton, G Wise H.T, W Wise Druggist, Wood & Co, Watchorn & Sons, H J Wallis New Wharf, A Sanders Steam Packet Hotel, T Marsden 98 Collins St, W Cutts, William Cutts, Emmett, W Champion, Davis & Co, Tasma Aerated Waters, Jolly Hatters, W Cowburn, Mezger, T Field Sydney, Fowler, J Leak, Stedman, J Sherwin, Goulbourn St Pottery, Cascade Brewery, Kelly & Co, Weaver & Co, Daniel Brown Green Ponds, M Wilks, H J James, Armstrong & Co, W.W, Macs Cordial Works, Tasmanian Cordial Works, Gustavus Gabriel, Miller Chemist, Drake & Co, any Chemist Bottles, W Coote, William Coote, City of Hobart, William Cowburn, E Dixon, J N Gordon, Kelly & Gordon, C McLean, Any bottles from the west coast of Tassie, Launceston, Burnie, Devonport, Ulverstone, Emu Bay, Lefroy, Beaconsfield, Hagley.
There are many others also, best thing if you are unsure just drop us a line and find out. Even if they are not local to us we still chase them.
Some top end items can be worth many thousands, you never know what you may be sitting on !

Contact: Phil
Mobile: 0418 855572 or email Click here
Contact: Bill
Mobile: 0408 315373 or email Click here

 Sample of some of the items we are chasing